A World Class Spellbinder


Daniel Mguye a world class Spellbinder, Author on Workplace Leadership, Workplace Relations and Performance. As an inspirational speaker Mguye has been graced with the rare ability to inspire human beings to lead masterful lives filled with Creativity, Productivity, Excellency and Prosperity but also to exist in a way that positively contributes to humanity.



He has inspired individuals and teams to find meaningful purpose in their work and organizationsto become exceptional in their respective fields.

Workplace Development Services

Corporate Consultations

Standing apart from the flock of average audience a across the globe there are the 1% – the Black Sheep.The extraordinary.

Keynote Speeches

The key to surviving workplace champion is to understand why you probably won’t.

Custom Designed Seminars

If you want to get your business future-fit, you’d better learn to sweat your greatest assets – your people.